VR teaser


A teaser shot in virtual reality format to promote the film on VR platforms
The video is presented in VR format. You can rotate it with the mouse, or if you are watching from a mobile device, then through the YouTube app.
About project
In November 2018, guests of the largest CIS science fiction festival "Starcon" were shown a teaser for the new Russian horror movie "Dawn." This teaser was filmed by order of the film company "Force Media" in virtual reality format.
"Force Media" used not only traditional means but also virtual reality technologies to promote its new films. This demonstrates the film industry's interest in the possibilities of VR and, most importantly, furthers the development of virtual cinema itself.
The film's plot touches on the theme of lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis. The main character's older brother dies under mysterious circumstances. Immediately after that, she starts to experience extremely realistic nightmares. The girl goes to a sleep research institute, where she and other patients are immersed in a collective lucid dream. However, after waking up, they all find themselves in a reality that is scarier than any nightmare.

Vladislav Severtsev, producer of the film Dawn, watches the teaser in a virtual reality helmet.
Maxim Nikonov with the remote control of a trolley with a 360 camera.
Someone from the film crew draws the Herald Vestnik, the second director of the teaser.
Everyone is photographed with the star of the shooting day.
Maxim Nikonov, Ivan Ostroukhov (VFX producer) and Gerold Vestnik (second director).
The basement where one of the teaser scenes was filmed.
Oleg Khokhlov with 360 cameras.
Maxim Nikonov turns on the camera in the basement.