The first Russian VR horror


A feature film made in the virtual reality format. A 13-minute horror about life after death. An experimental format.
The video is presented in VR format. You can rotate it with the mouse, or if you are watching from a mobile device, then through the YouTube app.
About project
This film became one of the first Russian staged artistic experimental projects in the field of VR cinema at the stage of the emergence and development of the VR direction in domestic video shooting practices.

A scientist, grieving the loss of his daughter, explores the phenomenon of life after death and conducts a dangerous experiment on himself to prove the existence of humanity in another form of life. The experiment itself is based on real events - the subject must leave his body, enter the adjacent room, and memorize the symbols on prepared charts beforehand, then return to his body and describe what he saw outside of it. In the other world, the scientist not only meets his daughter but also encounters the spirit of one of the victims of his previous experiments, who, driven by revenge, wants to take over the body of his killer.

Director, producer, idea creator – Maxim Nikonov
Assistant director – Gerald Westnik
Co-writers – Maxim Nikonov, Gerald Westnik, Dina Furtsova
Cinematographer – Ivan Kotel'nikov
Sound engineer – Mikhail Tsafsman
Make-up – Irina Pichukan

Alesya Gaevskaya – the daughter's ghost
Denis Shvets – the vengeful spirit
Maria Rumyantseva - lab assistant
Fedor Sel'nikov - the subject
Yuriy Utkin – the scientist