the journey film, which can be viewed in the 5th pavilion of Lenfilm in St. Petersburg
Saint-Petersburg VR
An aerial journey over one of the most beautiful cities in the world in a virtual reality format.
The video is presented in VR format. You can rotate it with the mouse, or if you are watching from a mobile device, then through the YouTube app.
(only the initial fragment of the film, 1 minute long, is presented)
About project
The project was created using a grant from the President of the Russian Federation provided by the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives.

The poems of the poets are heard in the film:
Ivan Pinzhenin
Alexey Nikonov
Andrey Nekrasov
Roman Gonza
Alexey Klimon
Alexander Troitsky

We were working on the film:
Director: Evgeny Popov
Drone operator: Anton Hutter
Videographer: Alexey Averin
Editing director: Maxim Nikonov
Sound engineer: Dmitry This is
Sound engineer: Daniil Zosin
Composer: Anton Andreev
Producer: Marina Mukhorina
The authors of the idea: Evgeny Popov and Olga Radvilovich