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Virtual Cinema Laboratory
Виртуальные экскурсии
This film became one of the first staged artistic experimental projects in the field of VR cinema in Russia at the stage of emergence and development of the VR direction in domestic video shooting practices.

A scientist who lost his daughter explores the phenomenon of life after death and conducts a dangerous experiment on himself to prove the existence of humanity in another form of life. The experiment itself is based on real events - the subject must leave his body, enter an adjacent room, and memorize pre-prepared symbols on charts, then return to his body and describe what he saw outside of it. In the other world, the scientist not only meets his daughter but also encounters the spirit of one of the victims of his previous experiments, who, driven by revenge, wants to take over the body of his killer.

The first Russian documentary film, shot in 2016 in virtual reality format, is about the ascent to the highest point in Europe.
Elbrus VR is a contemplative reflection on why people strive for the summits despite the harsh living conditions in the mountains. Every year, hundreds of people come to Elbrus to reach the top of this volcano. What makes them endure fatigue and pain, the absence of comfort, and harsh weather? Why, despite all the difficulties that await the travelers at every step, do people still strive for the summit, even if they only stand there for a few minutes after hours of exhausting journey? To answer these questions, the viewer will have to make their way to the top along with the film crew.