Take a look at the examples of virtual tours that we have already done to understand what you need.
Virtual Cinema Laboratory
Виртуальные экскурсии
A virtual tour is the best way to literally transport the viewer to the place you want to show. The video consists of a sequence of 360-degree video frames accompanied by music and a voiceover. The frame can also feature people in action, such as a presenter or guide, who will draw the viewer's attention to different details, but it's possible to shoot without a presenter, controlling the viewer's attention using other techniques. The shots can be either static, taken from a single point in space, or moving along a certain route.
In this video, an interesting technique is used when the viewer is transferred, as it were, into the body of the character for whom the tour is being conducted. Literally, the viewer can literally see his body and hands. And also the actors move on gyroscuters, which makes the tour more dynamic.